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The Grace Period




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From the feeling of dESPAIR

to the sheltered hands of grace....

Serving St. Charles County

Our Mission

To move adults and families who can't yet afford stable housing into self-sufficiency by utilizing transitional housing, high accountability, education and goal setting led by a family-like, faith-based team of staff and volunteers.

Ashley & son , 30s

St. Charles 

"The Grace Period was more than just a house for me, it was about my whole life. I came because of the resources TGP offered , the welcoming staff , and help for me to regain my independence and self esteem. Before TGP , I was living in a hotel, with an eviction on my record, living pay check to paycheck, not knowing where my next meal was coming from. Now I meal plan , I have a full time job, my eviction is paid off,  I am  saving money for emergencies and am working on myself mentally and spiritually. I now have the self worth, I have been seeking. Thank you so much. "

Rashon & Leon 
25 & 34
St. Charles 

"The Grace Period has done more than just helped us - it saved us. 

My husband and I went from sleeping in our car and paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to hotels to having our own home. The Grace Period gave us peace of mind and made so many things more feasible as well as achievable

The Grace Period has taught us life lessons that we will take with us forever and we are more than grateful. 

This has been more than just a program for us- it's a family."

Thank you so much from 


Our Stories 

Julie & Family, 30s

St. Charles

"You are all wonderful and I am just feeling so blessed that you are there. The support you have given me during this time of my life has no words to describe how it makes me feel!! One day I hope I can repay you just for having faith in me and taking time out of your day to talk with me and show me you care. You made it possible for me and my four kids to get our own apartment and I am now my own boss running my own company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Our Stories 



The Grace Period 3-month course is designed to get individuals/families to a point of transition into their own permanent housing. It is case specific, not everyone will have the same program- but they will all get the same commitment. 


We are always looking for ready, able and faith filled volunteers to serve with The Grace Period: to motivate our families, sponsor fundraising events, donate to support our mission, maintain our properties and so much more!



Sara Chandler

Co-Founder & Executive Director 


Amie Littrell

Co-Founder & Spiritual Director 


Jess Mandelberger

Secretary & Fundraising Director

Our Stories 

LEXI, 23

Budget management. My spending habits were terrible and it felt impossible to save but once I wrote down what I was spending and seeing where it was going. It helped a lot. It also helps with my sense of not being alone. And feeling everyone's presence. And feel that everyone really cared and truly wanted to help me and Brooklynn. 

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