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Our 3-Month course for individuals & families help them reach a point for transition into their own permanent housing. It is case specific, not everyone will have the same program- but they will all get the same commitment.

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Employment Training

Adult Development

All needs, no wants. Living on the bare minimum to get you to a point where you need to be.

"Live like no one else now, so you can live like no one else later."- Dave Ramsey

The teaching of applying for, interviewing for and obtaining the job you both want and need. Instructions on writing a resume, how to nail an interview & more.



Case by case budgeting. All needs, no wants living. Using our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University courses for each residents needs. Each resident is matched with their own financial coach. 

Full time employment is a requirement with the prospect of additional employment or education. We offer a 12 week course in occupational development for those with part time employment. 

If there are 7 dimensions of well-being: Emotional, Financial, Relational, Occupational, Mental, Physical and Spiritual, then a state of health in all of these areas would bring about Shalom.

Side by side support

Having someone there for you when you need them the most can sometimes be the most powerful tool you can have. A team of people are there if you need them. TGP has financial coaches, adult development coaches, counselors, and volunteers who care for each and everyone of our residents. 

In Depth Case Management

Learning case specific needs and abilities. Living on an only need, no want budget. Learning how to manage life problems, family issues, budgetary problems. Each resident receives a house manager who will help with community living skills. 


A team of individuals committed to making sure the tenants can make job interviews, appointments, grocery shopping etc.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly one on one meeting, in The Grace Period facility. This meeting will be one part of the School of Shalom, along with a check-in and projected progress for the next week.

12 week Rent-Free Program

12 week program that includes free rent and utilities. Counseling, debt management, case management and problem solving.

*3, 6 & 12 month program if requirements are met. Please see Sara for details.*



Working diligently to have them prepared in the 12 weeks to be in a position to transition to their own permanent employment . 

*3, 3-12 & 12-18 month program if requirements are met. Please see Sara for details.*

The Grace Period resource center is a great place for people who are looking for certain resources to help them stay stable in their situation. Please contact Sara Chandler for more information. 

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